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Help Your Teen Make a Smooth, Successful Transition Into College

(Without Getting in the Way)

Dear Fellow Parent,

College is coming. As you get closer to “letting go” and watching your child step into the complex world of adulthood, can you relate to this fellow mother of a high-school senior?

“I told my son that the first several weeks of college would be tough but he’d get through it. He doesn’t seem to be worried about it, but I am. I feel as if he doesn’t realize the significance of what’s about to happen. I just don’t think he’s prepared.”

If that sounds familiar, you’re not alone. College is a shock for almost all students. It causes stress and is overwhelming--for both child and parent!

The statistics are staggering...

One in Three College Freshmen Drop Out

You spend your entire life preparing your student for college but once they get in it’s easy to underestimate how stressful college will be.

Jobless College GraduateDid you know that only about half of all college students ever graduate?

Just 56% of students who embark on a bachelor's degree program finish within six years, according to a 2011 Harvard study titled Pathways to Prosperity. According to another study by the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development, just 46% of Americans complete college once they start, worst among the 18 countries it tracks.

Kids who don’t finish their freshman year are not trouble-makers or dumb. They’re normal, everyday kids...just like yours. It wasn’t part of the plan for them to drop out.

These students simply got swamped by the demands of college, or they didn’t take them seriously in the first place. They got homesick, or depressed, or they partied too hard. They were more fragile than they let on.

It’s Not Academic, It’s Mental and Emotional.

(And Your Teen Probably Isn’t Talking About It)

Here are some insights reported by current college freshmen from a recent Harris poll:

  • 87% reported that college preparation during high school focused more on academics than emotional readiness.
  • 60% reported that they wish they had gotten more help with emotional preparation for college.

Frustrated college studentThe results can be devastating for college freshmen: At least 85% report being stressed, overwhelmed, and anxious.

As a parent, here’s the scariest statistic of all: A whopping 65% said they tend to keep their feelings about the difficulty of college to themselves!

*First-Year College Experience Survey commissioned by The Partnership for Drug-Free the JED Foundation, and the Jordan Porco Foundation, 2015.

What is a parent to do?

The great news is that there are some simple steps—real, tangible steps—you can start doing during the high school years to make sure your child is prepared in every way for the challenges of college life.

It’s Not Too Late

You might be saying to yourself, “My child is going off to college soon. Is it too late to do anything to make sure he is prepared and steps into college with confidence?”

Don’t worry! We are here to give you some powerful, but simple tools you can implement while they are still in high school that will ensure your child thrives in college and becomes a mature, successful, and happy adult.

Today, it’s more important than ever to give your child the very best chance for them to succeed in college.

Today’s world is more confusing, uncertain, and fearful than it’s ever been. In order for your child to get past this confusion, uncertainty, and fear, it’s important that they have the confidence to take care of themselves and the motivation to keep themselves on track.

Up until now, you’ve been able to do this for them. They can’t see around corners. You can. You’ve been able to clear a path for them and then look over their shoulders to make sure they stay on the path.

Now your role is changing. Are they fully prepared? Are YOU?

For the first time ever, your child will be faced with academic, social, and identity challenges -- with virtually no supervision.

Think about your child and ask yourself these questions...

  • Does your child know how to spend money wisely and balance a budget?
  • Do they know what employers are looking for when interviewing them for a job?
  • Do they know how to deal with teachers and other adults to work through difficult problems?
  • Can you trust them with the freedoms they’ll have in college?
  • Do they know what college professors will expect of them academically? (Hint: It’s not the same as high-school teachers expect.)
  • Can they make wise decisions—without you there—to keep them safe and out of trouble?
  • Do they have good study habits, so they do not fall behind without you looking over their shoulder?

Now think about yourself…

  • Do you know how to support your child and encourage independence --- without hovering, worrying, and interfering?
  • Do you know when the right time is to intervene (and when you should let your child “fail”)?
  • Do you know how different college is compared to when you were in school, and how to prepare your child for it?
  • Do you know what feelings and behaviors are “normal” and what should be cause for alarm?

Your child’s potential for success in college may have everything to do with how well prepared s/he is to manage this newfound freedom.

It IS possible to help your child build mental toughness skills, practical skills that will enable your child to walk into college on Day One with confidence.


Introducing… Day One College Success

A 5-Week At-Home Online Course with Action Tips & Tools to Help Your Child Flourish, Rather Than Flounder in College.

Friends Taking Selfie at Top of MountainReceive real, simple, and powerful resources you can start implementing during the high school years that transform your child.

Here is what you can expect during our five week journey together:

The Day One College Success system covers vital strategies that parents can implement right away (and that only parents can teach their children). This course will carefully explain what you can start doing during the high school years to make sure your child is ready for college.

You’ll learn how to:

  • Get your children to motivate themselves so they won’t procrastinate;
  • Help your student to step into college with the kind of self-confidence that will carry them through those first few weeks so they won’t call and ask to come back home. (It happens more often than you think!)
  • Teach your children to make wise decisions once they get to college, so they will stay out of trouble and keep themselves safe.
  • Nurture your students’ self-discipline and responsibility to study and get good grades without you monitoring them. Time management is one of the biggest problems for freshmen students and it does not have to be!
  • Make sure they graduate in eight semesters, so that’s all you or they have to pay for!
  • Better communicate with your teens in a way they will hear and respond.

High school is the perfect time to prepare them to survive and thrive in college.

Our system will not only help your child do better in college, but it will help you have a better relationship with them while they are away.

We created a special Day One College Success members-only online program where you can login from your desktop, tablet, or even your smartphone or the CD player in your car to participate.

Here is what you will see when you join and login to the members area:

  • Five comprehensive video lessons (one per week) to cover the discovery topic for the week.
  • MP3 audio versions of the videos so you can listen to it on your audio device or in your car.
  • Transcribed PDFs of each video so that you can print them out, read them, and take notes.
  • Three 45-minute individual strategy sessions with Steve, our certified coach. Steve will work with your individual situation and help you arrive at your own personalized plan to prepare your child. (The value you receive from these three calls alone will more than cover your investment in the course!)
  • Access to our exclusive Day One College Success members-only private Facebook group. Join group discussions regarding anything related to parenting and college prep. This is your opportunity to share frustrations, fears, or ask questions with like-minded parents who have the same goals for their children as you do. This is your personal place to vent, get advice, and lend an empathetic ear to fellow parents.
  • Personal email access to both of us. Email us about your questions and issues, and we’ll get you back on track!

Let us take a brief moment to introduce formally introduce ourselves:

Janet-RelaxedMy name is Janet Byington, and I’m co-owner of Day One College Success. Together with my partner Steve Safigan, we have decades of experience working with high-school students, college students, and 20-something adults. I was a school principal and the District Director for my Congressman. Steve and I have hired, and fired, some of the country’s best and brightest. We’re both parents of young adults ourselves! It is a passion of mine to help parents lead their youth—our future.

I am a firm believer that so long as a loving parent is provided with the right tools and resources that they WILL succeed. That’s why I joined with Steve to develop the Day One College Success System. We want your child to be ready and excited about the college experience and not dread it. More important, we don’t want them getting blindsided by the stress and demands of college. We are here every step of the way to help you ensure that they are successful and safe.

SteveMy name is Steve Safigan and I have a ton of experience with college students and young adults. I was the founder of an Inc. 500 company that employed over 400 people, many of these young adults. After selling my company at the age of 48, I got my second master’s degree in Positive Psychology and became a certified professional life and business coach. I’ve been leading personal and professional development seminars for 12 years.  I know what it takes to motivate people, instill confidence, and educate people so they can meet their goals.

It is something that I am very passionate about and I am very excited to be able to share my knowledge and experience with you!

Our system is designed for EVERY child and parent in high school who is wondering how to make the transition to college.

Relaxed couple with laptop computerGet ahead of the curve and give your child the core mental toughness skills to handle college like a ninja!

Throughout this five module course you will learn everything you need to know in order to make sure that your child is safe while away from home for the first time, balancing their money, keeping up their grades, making wise decisions, and handling stress well.

Let’s work together to guarantee your child’s college survival! Just click on the "join now" button below and you and your child will be on your way.


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Here’s the clincher.

You get the full Day One College Success system:

  • Five comprehensive video trainings (one per week) to cover the discovery topic for the week, plus MP3 and PDF versions ($95 value per week).
  • Three 45-minute individual strategy sessions with Steve, our certified coach. ($295 value per session).
  • Access to our exclusive Day One College Success members-only private Facebook group. ($195 value).
  • Personal email access to both of us. (Priceless!)

The total value of the Day One College Success system is at least $1,555. When you think about the difference it will make in your child’s life, it’s easily worth ten times that.  In fact, there’s a good chance you already plan to spend more than 10 times this amount to give your child an academic degree.

You want your child to be prepared for life academically. How much is it worth to you to prepare them mentally and emotionally as well?

The retail price of the program is $497.

Read on to find out how you can participate in this SPECIAL OFFER for a small investment of just $297! That’s more than 40 percent off! We will never offer it for a lower price. But we want, and need, your feedback on the product to make sure it meets every parent’s needs.

In order to qualify for the special price, you must agree to the following conditions:

  1. Purchase the product within seven days. We want to reward parents who take decisive action.
  2. Finish the program and implement it in your own life. The program doesn’t have value unless you apply it.
  3. Give us specific feedback on the program so we can improve it.
  4. Write a testimonial on the product (not required if you are not completely happy with the program).

You will have permanent online access to the Day One College Success system. You can refer to it any time you wish… even months or years from now! And you will benefit from the updates we make to the program over time.

And because it will always be available, you don’t have to finish the program within the five weeks prescribed. You can go at your own pace.

Think about it…

As parents we spend thousands of dollars on braces, clothes, high school activities, etc. to give our child the very best chance in life. So what if you could know FOR SURE that you had taught your child every single thing they need to know to go off to school and not just succeed academically, but also in every aspect of college life.

Your small investment of just $297 will give you the tools.

yes let me in

Once you click on the button, you can rest easy. You’ve taken the first step toward helping your child  be safer and will flourish in life.

Listen to what others have to say about us:

Bret bw'As a coach, Steve's number one goal, and consistent achievement, is the assessment and understanding of the people he is coaching. Mr. Safigan has a brilliant way of thoughtfully listening and responding with poignant questions that cause one to see new perspectives and ideas. He is trustworthy, and he kindly and gently hits the nail right on the head.'

Bret Schlisner, M.Div., President of TrueYou Workshops, Ooltewah, TN

Rick bw'Because Steve is such a warm, caring and gentle person he makes you feel at ease quickly, like you know him. He is open, authentic and compassionate, yet powerful because he knows what he is sharing.'

Rick Oneal, MDiv, College Residence Life Management, Leadership Consultant, Tigard, OR

Christa bw'I have been blessed to watch and learn from Janet Byington for more than thirty years. Each time I am with her, she teaches me new valuable lessons about people and about life- lessons that are practical and useful every single day. Janet has the unique ability to balance being very smart with being very fun, creative and enthusiastic — all of which makes time spent with her informative, enjoyable and inspiring.'

Christa Jackson, Former School Principal, Cave Spring, GA

Shelley'Steve Safigan is an authentic and professional presenter and coach. He creates a safe space for people to answer tough questions with no judgment. Steve clearly communicates his deep knowledge about a variety of subjects, while never forcing his beliefs or education on others. He is passionate and cares deeply for people. I would highly recommend any program Steve is involved with.'

Shelley Higgins, Teacher, Chattanooga, TN

Brennan bw'Janet Byington is a dynamic leader, a caring mother, and a valuable friend. She has been a blessing to every field she has been involved with. Restorations, elementary school administration, fundraising and politics have all benefited from her unique and effective view on the world. She has a true gift for communication whether she is talking to children or congressmen.'

Brennan McElhone, College Student, Charlottesville, VA

Remember, every week for five weeks, you get a short, but powerful training in video, audio, and transcript format so you can go through the material no matter where you are. You also get three personal strategy sessions with Steve so you can apply the training in your unique situation; access to a private Facebook page so you can connect with parents who are going through the same issues as you; and access to our personal email for questions.

And it’s only $297, more than 40% off the price we’ll charge you if you wait to say yes! So if you’re still unsure, just sign up now, and then take the next 30 days to decide if this program is for you.

30-day Guarantee SealIf you don’t think the program is worth your investment of time and money, just contact us within 30 days and we’ll give you a full refund. You don’t even have to give us a reason if you don’t want to. You have nothing to lose! But remember that this is a time-sensitive offer. If you want to purchase or re-purchase the program later, the price will go up dramatically!

Give your child the very best chance to succeed in the most important transition of their young lives. Give yourself the gift of not having to worry to the point of desperation right after they leave for college because you’re wondering how they’re ever going to survive without you. We look forward to seeing you on the inside.

Be Intentional,

Janet and Steve

p.s. - Most people don’t buy for two reasons. I bet you can guess what they are…

Not enough time and not enough money!

If you felt just a little bit more secure about your child going off to college after applying the strategies in this course, what would that be worth to you? If your child flourished in college even just a little bit more, could you put a price tag on that? If your relationship with your child was just a little bit more harmonious for the rest of your life, would that be worth $297? Would it be worth 10 times the price? 20 times?

And do you have the time to spend just a few minutes a day in order to accomplish this? If you spent your time while driving listening to the audio we give you, could you manage to fit that into your schedule? You don’t have to finish the course in five weeks (though you may like the structure on the five week program). You’ll have access to the program online for as long as you’d like. Please don’t put yourself in the position to regret never discovering these powerful strategies! We’re rooting for you!

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