You were there when your child spoke their first words.

The first time they told you what they wanted to be when they grew up.

Whether they were learning the ropes in school or just learning about the world in general, you were there for the good days, bad days, and everything in between.

You’ve had their back from preschool to prom.

Now they need you to help them make it to move-in day.

Dear Fellow Parent,

While your child may be driving, dating, and generally acting like no one has ever been as grown up as they are, the truth is, they need you now more than ever as they transition out of high school.

Why? Just consider:

People who have a bachelor’s degree have an increased earning potential of $1 million over those without one.


1 out of 3 college students will drop out during their freshman year.

Out of every 10 college students who enroll for a bachelor’s degree, just 4 will actually graduate.

And students with ADHD and similar learning disabilities are nearly 20% more likely to withdraw from classes, over 50% more likely to be put on academic probation, and are significantly less likely to graduate than other students.

A lot of people see those statistics and automatically write kids with learning disabilities off, thinking that they’re just not cut out for higher education.

But we don’t accept that.

We know from experience that students with ADHD can be successful in college.

That’s why we created The Day One College Success System!

There are all kinds of pre-college courses out there, from SAT prep to academic resume-building.

But here’s the thing: they’re mostly created for students without ADHD , and we’ve never seen one that actually gets to the core issues that make college a struggle for so many students — mental and emotional stress, an unstructured academic and personal environment, and struggles with money management.

While having a pretty academic resume is great, it’s not going to matter if your child is too overwhelmed to go to class, doesn’t have the study skills to keep their grades up, or finds themselves in thousands of dollars of credit card debt in a matter of months.

The Day One College Success System is the only online college prep course specifically designed to guide you through preparing your child with ADHD for college mentally, emotionally, physically, and financially.

We’re not talking about some generalized college prep course with “special tips” you could find with a Google search.

We’re talking about easy-to-implement, effective strategies that you can use to make sure your child is ready to succeed in college from the very first day.

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Wondering if it’s right for you? It is if:

#1 You know your child isn’t stupid — but they struggle with things like study habits, getting homework done without you looking over their shoulder every second, or getting to class on time.

#2 You’re worried about the emotional strain that the transition into college will inevitably bring. (And with good reason. 85% of college freshmen report being stressed, overwhelmed, and anxious … and 60% said they wished they had got more emotional preparation before they got to college.)

#3 You don’t want to get the dreaded “911” call where your child has gotten in over their head with academic probation, health problems, or trouble with the police.

#4 Your child hasn’t ever really managed their own finances before, and you’re worried about the damage they could do to their financial future with a bad budget and a credit card!

#5 Your child tends to struggle with motivating themselves, following through on what they say they’re going to do, or procrastinating, and you want them to take care of these issues now, before the consequences get serious in college.

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Christa bw'I have been blessed to watch and learn from Janet Byington for more than thirty years. Each time I am with her, she teaches me new valuable lessons about people and about life- lessons that are practical and useful every single day. Janet has the unique ability to balance being very smart with being very fun, creative and enthusiastic — all of which makes time spent with her informative, enjoyable and inspiring.'

Christa Jackson, Former School Principal, Cave Spring, GA

Here’s what you’ll get with the Day One College Success System:

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5 comprehensive video trainings from Steve and Janet.

We’ll cover everything from resilience to study habits to health and safety to financial management and more. Anything you’d want your child to know before they’re out on their own in the world, and everything we know they need to be successful in an academic environment.

checkmark (40x40)Audio and transcripts of each training.

Access the training wherever you like, whenever you like. We know you’re busy, or that video might not be your thing. So we’ve made it incredibly easy to access this training — you can listen to the MP3s and read the PDFs any time you like.

checkmark (40x40)3 x 45-minute individual strategy sessions with Steve, our CPCC certified coach.

Steve will work with you personally throughout the course. You’ll start by getting a sense of where you and your child are at now, what your goals are, and what you need to do to make them a reality. Then together, the two of you will come up with a detailed, step-by-step plan to set your child up for success.

(By the way … people normally pay $295 a session to work with Steve. So even if you do nothing else with this course, you’ll have more than gotten your money’s worth.)

checkmark (40x40) Access to our exclusive Day One College Success members-only private Facebook group.

You don’t have to go it alone. We’ve created a whole community of parents just like you who are there whenever you need them. Share tips, vent about your fears or frustrations, and get some truly empathetic feedback from people who get you.

checkmark (40x40)Personal email access to both Janet and Steve.

Think of us as your friends who have been there and done it. We’re available exclusively for you to ask us anything you like. Whether it’s a practical issue like dealing with financial aid, or a more emotional one like bettering the communication between you and your child, we’re here for you whenever you need us.

All for just $297


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“Steve has a brilliant way of thoughtfully listening and responding with poignant questions that cause one to see new perspectives and ideas. He is trustworthy, and he kindly and gently hits the nail right on the head.” — Bret Schlisner, M.Div., President of TrueYou Workshops, Ooltewah, TN

How do we know this stuff actually works?

Because we’ve used these exact strategies to prepare three children each for college (some with ADHD, some without) — and we’ve seen them absolutely soar.

We’ve seen firsthand how being ready for college made all the difference in their experience and performance there, and how that has changed the entire trajectory of their lives.

And we’ve seen things from the other side too. As the owner of an Inc. 500-listed company with revenue of over $45 million a year and a school principal and later District Director for a Congressman, we’ve hired and fired some of the very best and brightest students in the country. And every single time, it came down to the difference in how well they were prepared for the adult world — and that comes down to college.

Here’s the truth:

Success in college isn’t just a “nice to have”. It’s not something you work for just because it’s part of the plan, or because you’re supposed to.

A successful college experience will impact every single aspect of your child’s future, from employability to earning potential right down to their health, family life and the potential of their children.

It’s not just a critical four years — it’s the first step towards the life you’ve always wanted for them.

Join us, and turn that dream into a reality.