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Hello fellow parent,

Welcome to our new blog! This blog is specifically designed to help YOU prepare your child for college!

Along with my business partner Steve, I’ve spent the past year researching and studying all the experts on parenting high school and college kids, and we are ready to pass this along to you!
Even more important, Steve and I have spent the last 20 plus years managing, mentoring and working with kids during the high school and college years.

You see, Steve founded and was CEO of a very successful software business back in the 90s. He’s also a certified professional coach. I was a school principal and later managed a Congressional office. Both of us spent our professional careers hiring the best and the brightest, BUT–and this is a BIG BUT–

Sadly, we also had to fire the best and the brightest. They just weren’t ready for the workforce.

This experience has taught us two very important things:

#1: Students today may be academically prepared for college, but they do not always have the core essential practical skills, nor the mental toughness to survive in college and afterwards in work.

#2: Every student headed to college needs to have two very important life skills: Self-confidence and self-motivation. Fortunately, there are things parents can do during the high school years that can have a significant influence on instilling these skills in our children.

Now, after Steve sold his business, he wanted to do something to help these kids be better prepared for life, so he went back and got his second master’s degree in Positive Psychology because he wanted to understand the science behind flourishing, motivation, healthy self-image, and many other things.

Steve and I are both parents (3 children each). We have been where you are… we have walked in your shoes… and many times we were lost when it came to parenting our children. We often felt there was more we could do to prepare our kids, but how?

Now we know the answer, and we have partnered together to share that with you!

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We’re just getting started. Stick around if you want to be the best parent possible!

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