Mother’s Manifesto Part 2: Claim Your Power Right NOW!

This is part two of a three-part manifesto. Click here to start with part one.

We know from training and experience that parents have great power and influence over their teenage children. Yes, you still do! Even when they seem to be rejecting everything you do and say. But we had a problem…

Now, you might not like what we have to say next. But that’s the nature of a manifesto: Not everybody is going to be happy to hear what we stand for. If we tried to please everybody, we’d have no manifesto at all. Not everybody liked the Declaration of Independence either.

But I hope you will agree with what we have to say. We believe this time of transition from high school into college is the best chance to exercise your influence over your children. This can be done by intentional parenting that will carry both of you into their adulthood. Are you ready for it?

Here’s the key:

In order for your student to develop new or stronger life skills, the parent needs to initiate it.

See, that is your power.

It would have been a lot easier for us to create a program for teens to attend. Parents would throw a lot of money at us to fix their kid so long as it requires no time, effort or adjustment on the parents’ part.

But that is not what we are about. We want to empower mothers and fathers with the simple tools they need to get—and keep—their students on the right track.

Something miraculous happens when parents make small but significant tweaks in their approach to their children. First, children see a difference in the way their parents are relating to them. They may see different responses, different attitudes or even a different tone of voice. Then, if (and only if) the parent perseveres, then the child responds. EVERY TIME.

Don’t believe it? We’ve seen it. Over and over. It doesn’t matter if the child is 3 or 33, the child responds.

Now, some parents will contend that their children are the ones at fault. They believe that until their children mature and “see the light” there’s nothing they can do.

And there’s a lot to agree with there. Many adolescents tend by nature to be self-absorbed, ungrateful, irresponsible procrastinators. They can be narcissistic and rebellious.

However, parents who blame their children give away their power. They don’t see the last years of high school as a golden opportunity to forge an adult-ish relationship with their child.

The end result can be a stalemate—both parents and children can be stuck with issues for a very long time, perhaps their entire lives. They don’t just “grow out of it.”

It does not have to be this way!

Time for our second BIG reveal:


We want to create a community of courageous mothers. Mothers who want to learn the very best and latest parenting techniques. Mothers who want to learn from the experts, AND from each other.

These mothers will be ready when their children leave for college knowing they have given their child every chance to succeed. We want moms to connect with each other with empathy and compassion. We need all the help we can get and we are here to walk that path with you.

It’s time for a Bill of Rights for Mothers. That’s part three of our manifesto.

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