Day One College Success

Day One College Success

Is your child leaving for college soon and you wonder, “Is he/she ready?”

“Am I ready?”

Does every conversation you have with your  student end poorly?

As much as you love your soon to be adult  kids, do you ever wonder when – or if — they will become self sufficient, successful, contributing members of society?


We feel your pain.


Our Story

One day Steve and I were talking about life… ours and our friends… and what we had observed in the world of business.  We found that with our own children–and with many of the young people who worked for us– there was no place to turn to discover new parenting and communication skills during the high school years to help prepare their children for the college.

It’s like after age two we had put away Dr. Spock and Moms on Call and didn’t seek help ever again unless a major crisis arose… and then we  had to pay thousands of dollars for a trained professional to come in and HELP!

After selling a successful business, Steve had just completed his master’s degree in positive psychology from the University of Pennsylvania. We thought, “What if we developed an online program to give parents, in the privacy of their own homes,  a course in parenting  children in a new and INTENTIONAL way; a course that would ensure that we as parents could instill in our children every thing they needed to be successful in college. Something that would have a major impact on both parents and adult children:

Something that–dare we say–it would change our national conversation about  the way we parent our soon-to-be adult children.

So we did: And DOCS was born!


Day One College Success (DOCS)

Our years in the corporate world told us that it is time to get teenagers ready for college success, so they don’t return home to live in their parent’s basements forever.  High school is the perfect time to start parenting our children so they can one day hold down jobs and be successful in life.  High school  is the time to instill in our soon to be young adults the self confidence and motivation they need to succeed in today’s world.  AND it is time for parents to realize that after working their entire lives, it is their turn.   It is their turn to give themselves permission to enjoy life, travel…pursue their dreams… yes, the nest is empty, but the tank is full of possibilities!

To every parent out there, repeat these words:

“High School is the time to INTENTIONALLY parent our children in a whole new way.”

We’re here to help. We’ve been there, and we know you can use whatever support we can offer.

To your success,

Janet and Steve

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