How to Stop Worry During Your Child’s Senior Year

Your child is a senior in high school, which means you are more worried about him/her than ever. My daughter’s senior year of high school was awful. She broke up with her long-time boyfriend. She could not make up her mind about what college to attend. She was cranky and irritable

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Keep Your Eye on the Prize: Top Ten Things Every Parent Needs to Know When Their Step Children Are Going to College

I have two step children and one biological child. I need to say that up front because until you experience having a blended family, I don’t want anyone telling me how I “should” be doing things differently. As Elvis used to say, “Walk a mile in my blue suede shoes.”

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All I Want For Christmas Is Two Little Hours…

I get sentimental this time of year. I am a mom. I am entitled. I grew up watching The Waltons. On Christmas Day they chopped wood, cooked a turkey, gave thanks and then they all sat around loving on the grandparents—enjoying their own parents—just one big happy family until

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